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Due to the complexity and constantly changing tax laws the tax aspects of almost every type of business and personal transaction require scrutiny for the part of a tax attorney. The following services are provided by the attorneys who own a formidable experience in this sphere.

Jurvneshservice’s tax attorneys advise on tax issues involved in the everyday operation of a business entity, counsel on tax aspects of taxable and nontaxable acquisitions of business entities, mergers, recapitalizations, organization and liquidation of entities, taxable and nontaxable sales and exchanges of assets, foreign operations, redemptions, distributions and public and private offering of securities.

We deliver the full-range corporate tax services, including stand alone tax advisory work, bespoke tax advantaged structuring and tax advice on transactions.

We work closely with the firm’s other specialists to provide a seamless transactional experience. While working with the clients we grow with them, becoming trusted business advisers in what we view as a long-term relationship, not merely a one-off transaction.

Jurvneshservice’s tax attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients before the State Tax Administration of Ukraine and local tax inspections. This representation contemplates numerous tax conflicts, from initial interviews with the tax inspector to representation before the administrative court. Due to its practice Jurvneshservice was named the best law firm in tax advising in 2008.

Clients engaged in different sectors of economy – property, retail, asset management, private equity; non-resident entities and private individuals appreciated our work. Being represented by Jurvneshservice New World Grain Ukraine LLC, Can-Pack Ukraine LLC, Business-Analyt LLC, SJC Kryukov Car Building Plant, Soufflet Negoce S.A., Ukrspetstransgas LLC and others) always received positive decisions in their conflicts with tax authorities.