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2018 IV National Export Forum

The IV National Export Forum organized within the framework of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 4, 2018 gathered lawyers, including Jurvneshservice attorneys, representatives of exporting companies and members of the Ukrainian Government. The forum related to specific business issues, so the audience was rather narrow. The programme focused on the agribusiness…

Офіційне фото Judicial Reform in Ukraine: Achievements and Further Steps

The conference Judicial Reform in Ukraine: Achievements and Further Steps held in Kyiv on 1 June 2018 was organized under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Judicial Reform Council, the Council of Europe, and the newspaper “Юридическая практика”. The conference was divided into four sessions: the first one was dedicated to the…

Ïå÷àòü Anna Tsirat comments the Draft Law of Ukraine on Franchising

Anna Tsarat, who defended a thesis on franchising agreements in 2003, commented on the Draft Law of Ukraine on Franchising (No. 7430), highlighting its main drawbacks. You can find the opinion of the recognized franchising expert on the legal newspaper Yurydychna Gazeta website.

ЮП Kateryna Tsirat shared her opinion on main problems of eurointegration

Professional magazine “Legal Practice” («Юридическая практика») published an article written by Kateryna Tsirat, where she shared her impressions of academic conference in Berlin and her reflections concerning the necessity to create instruments in the field of private international law between Ukraine and the EU. The article can be found here.

iforum2018 iForum2018 came off!

Jurvneshservice lawyers could not ignore the largest annual event in the Ukrainian IT industry – iForum2018. Apart from exhibition of diverse businesses involved in IT, there were organized sections (“Internet Business/Startups”, “Advertising and Promotion”, “Internet Technologies”, “EdTech of the Future/Innovations”, “Digital Fun/CRM & Loyalty” and “Blockchain”), where a wide variety of lectures were given. Indeed,…

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