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One of the most important areas of practice of Jurvneshservice is representation and protection of clients’ interests in the commercial and administrative courts and courts of general jurisdiction in all regions of Ukraine.

Litigation can occur in completely different scopes of legal relations. Our lawyers are qualified enough to resolve any dispute in any area of law and achieve a positive result for the client even in the most hopeless situation.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in the protection of clients’ interests in Ukrainian courts of different specialization and authority, and in the courts of the Russian Federation.

Jurvneshservice’s attorneys successfully represent clients in the following types of disputes:

  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes arising from the conclusion and execution of commercial contracts, including vindication of delinquency or endamagement in such contracts;
  • tax disputes;
  • administrative disputes with government authorities and management;
  • disputes over property rights protection, including the protection of associated rights;
  • disputes in the financial services industry, including disputes with banks;
  • disputes in the field of intellectual property;
  • disputes concerning indemnification of financial damage;
  • disputes on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • disputes in the area of bankruptcy and liquidation;
  • disputes in the field of antitrust law;
  • disputes in family and inheritance law;

Jurvneshservice’s clients in this area are Norbert Schaller Ges.mbH, JSC Demos, International Trade Services GmbH, Agricultural company Rubezhevskaya LLC, New World Grain Ukraine LLC, JSC Ukrspetstransgaz, Volvo Truck Corporation, Europcell GmbH.