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Labor Law and Employment Disputes

The firm’s employment practice includes collective bargaining, employment counseling and litigation, wrongful discharge litigation, union avoidance and a broad variety of other labor and employment law areas. Ranging across this spectrum of the law, Jurvneshservice attorneys have broad experience in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail, health care, airline, food, telecommunications to name a few. They counsel clients on personnel policy development and delicate individual employment decisions, with a view towards enhancing employee relations and productivity, while minimizing litigation risks. The firm is regularly called upon by clients to review employee handbooks and personnel policies and procedures for their impact on potential wrongful discharge, equal employment and other claims. The proven employment law experience of the firm thus provides depth and breadth in substantive law as well as industry background. The firm’s approach to employee relations is involved and progressive.

Wrongful Discharge

Since its founding in 1987, the firm has concentrated and improved in employment litigation. Jurvneshservice has been at the forefront in the burgeoning area of employment law known as wrongful discharge. With the potential of multiple claims, pain and suffering and other damages, the firm counsels clients on the best strategies to minimize the risk of litigation and, when litigation does occur, defends retaliatory discharge, breach of contract, fraud and other claims falling within the wrongful discharge field. The firm’s attorneys closely follow the ever-changing developments in this complex area through hands-on counseling and litigation experience.

Collective Bargaining

The firm has extensive experience in successfully negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of management with representatives of workers and employees. Depending upon the client’s wishes, firm attorneys serve as spokespersons at the bargaining table, as support members of the management bargaining team, or as off-site resources for counseling, preparation and drafting of contract language. Due to their wide-ranging experience, Jurvneshservice attorneys bring both legal and practical experience to the management side of the bargaining table.

Work permissions for foreigners

In Ukraine it is permissible to employ a foreigner who holds a special permission for such employment. Ukrainian laws stipulate that the employer but not the employee should apply for work permission. Jurvneshservice’s attorneys drafts all necessary documents to receive necessary permissions or prolong it for the next term at the State Centre of Employment at the Ministry for Labor of Ukraine or at its corresponding local centers all over the Ukraine.

We advised on the questions of labour law Can-Pack (Ukraine) LLC, New World Grain Ukraine LLC, VISKASE Companies, Inc., International Automobile Holding Atlant-M and others.