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Jurvneshservice is an acknowledged leader in the international lawyer services. We offer high-quality legal support in various areas of business concerning the issues of the contemporary Ukrainian market. Our in-depth knowledge and long-lasting experience enable us to deliver world-class international legal services to both Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Our international lawyer services are completely tailored to the needs of our clients who range from individuals to global corporations nationwide. We never argue for the sake of arguing. Every international attorney in Jurvneshservice always has a thought-out strategy to get you results. As soon as you entrust us your case, finding a favorable solution is our priority.

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Recognized legal experts since 1987, Jurvneshservice is here to provide you professional legal assistance any time you’re in need.

Dedicated Lawyers

Our attorneys work as a single team with inhouse counsels and foreign lawyers.


Satisfied Clients

Our clients’ satisfaction is a result of our efficient and timely service.


Successful Cases

We win the cases as we are based on law and court practice knowledge.


Personal Injury Cases

Though this sphere is not easy, we try our best to recive as more compensation as possible.

Our International Legal Services

Jurvneshservice offers a full set of professional international lawyer services ranging from the work permissions for foreigners to the establishment of commercial and non-profit organizations.

Jurvneshservice Team of Attorneys

Our reliable team of international attorneys has a diversity of skills necessary to meet the most complex legal needs of our clients. The combination of knowledge, experience, and energy enables every international lawyer of Jurvneshservice to achieve favorable outcomes both in and out of the courtroom.

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