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Jurvneshservice History

Jurvneshservice was established in the distant 1987, in the Soviet Union times, when the first “capitalist” laws that allowed private ownership and as a consequence production cooperatives came out. It was then that Jurvneshservice was officially registered with main specialization in advising in international trade. The first clients of Jurvneshservice were Ukrainian entrepreneurs. However, later with the borders’ opening and the dissolution of the Soviet Union Jurvneshservice began to advise foreigners who sought to invest in the Ukrainian economy.

Though with the development of Ukrainian law the types of specialization of Jurvneshservice lawyers were expanded, the main specialization – consulting in all spheres of international trade – was always maintained. This peculiar specialization has been implemented in such legal practices as international commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, expert testimony on Ukrainian law, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Ukraine and Ukrainian judgments abroad and any other spheres where a foreign element can be present.

This feature is the consequence of the fact that the core of Jurvneshservice lawyers consisted always of graduates of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Meet Jurvneshservice International Lawyers

Jurvneshservice  international lawyers base their consultations on the rules of law of Ukraine and international treaties to which Ukraine is a party, as well as on judicial practice and legal doctrine, both national and foreign. For the sake of more effective counselling, Jurvneshservice international lawyers constantly improve their qualifications and, first of all, at the expense of self-study, which is realized in obtaining them degrees in the field of law. Thus, Gennadii Tsirat, the most experienced international lawyer at Jurvneshservice, received his Ph.D. in law in the scientific study on Recognition and execution of foreign arbitration awards in Ukraine (2000), and his doctor of law degree in research of Legal grounds and current trends of international regulation of the international civil procedure (2015).

Anna Tsirat received her Ph.D. Degree in Laws in Franchising (2003). This researched had comparative analysis of franchising regulation in the countries of North America and Europe. The results of her research were used when writing the chapter on Commercial concession in the Civil Code of Ukraine in 2004. Now the subject of scientific research by Anna Tsirat is the Unification of the rules of private international air law. This research is very important for Ukraine right now, when the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine made a decision on the substantial adaptation of a significant body of the national legislation in the field to the requirements of EU law.

Kateryna Tsirat defended her Ph.D. thesis Party Autonomy in the Hague Principles on Choice of Law in International Commercial Contracts (2018), where the emphasis was made on the analysis of the Principles of Choice of Law in International Commercial Treaties adopted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law as a model for lawmakers from different countries, an instrument for interpreting the norms of private international law for courts and arbitration, as well as a “road map” for business.

However, Jurvneshservice is not only the place for Tsirat family, but for other international lawyers as well.

Dmitry Salatiuk specializes in representing the interests of creditors in bankruptcy procedures of Ukrainian enterprises, resolving administrative, civil and commercial disputes, executing court decisions, and issues of corporate law. Although he is a graduate of the Kiev National Trade and Economic University, according to the tradition of Jurvneshservice, he has a lot of legal work connected with international element.

Natalya Vdovichenko is a lawyer who advises not only on matters of civil or commercial law, but mainly on matters of criminal law and official offenses. Among her clients are many high-ranking officials who have been groundlessly trying to bring them to criminal responsibility. She is proud that all her defendants were released on pre-trial or judicial proceedings.

The considerable experience of Jurvnehservice international lawyers in the field of law and academic research allows them to work effectively on new bills, to analyze bills proposed by deputies or governmental and non-governmental organizations, and to accompany Ukrainian politicians in their meetings with foreign colleagues.

Of course, every of the above-mentioned Jurvneshservice lawyers works in a team with their assistants, who are experienced lawyers as well. The work of each of the stated above international lawyers in tandem with their assistants allows to produce high quality advice on affordable fee.

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