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Dmitriy Salatyuk

Member of the Kyiv Regional Bar Association.

Dmytro Salatyuk began his career in 1999, and since 2003 has represented and defended his clients in courts as attorney. He is a member of Kyiv Bar Council.

Mr. Salatyuk has 15 years of experience in managing bankruptcy cases as administrator (insolvency officer).

The main areas of Dmytro’s professional activities are litigation, bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings, mainly:

Representation in courts

Mr. Salatyuk won dozens of disputes in favour of Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Dmytro Salatyuk has considerable experience in disputes related to performance of various contracts, debt collection, and declaration of contracts invalid.

Dmytro successfully represented interests of Renault Track, Volvo Track Corporation, Volvo Construction Equipment in disputes over return of leased vehicles and construction equipment.

He supported the Austrian company Norbert Schaller Ges.m.b.H. in numerous disputes regarding return of equipment for food industry supplied to the debtor under conditions of a commercial loan.

Mr. Salatyuk has extensive experience in recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Ukraine.

For example, Dmytro represented Norbert Schaller Ges.m.b.H. in the proceedings against First Investment Bank and VA Intertrading Aktiengesellschaft (Austria) in the proceedings against Hekro Pet LLC in cases on recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards of the International Arbitration Center of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economics.

Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation

One of Dmytor’s key specializations is protection of clients’ interests in disputes on contradiction of false information and protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Public accusations of corruption of political and state leaders are not rare in Ukrainian media, and journalists often carry out various kinds of investigations to draw public attention to one or another government official or politician. Sometimes such accusations are groundless and are clearly paid-for, and sometimes they have very serious evidence base and serve for initiating a criminal investigation. Political rivals in various kinds of television shows publicly, without choosing expressions, accuse each other of all sins, often passing the threshold between political discussion and personal insult.

As a result, there are numerous disputes in courts concerning contradiction of false information and protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Within the framework of protecting former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Dmytro Salatyuk successfully supported Mr. Saakashvili in more than ten court disputes with members of Ukrainian parliament, the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine and other political and state leaders, officials and businessmen.

Appeal against unlawful decisions of state authorities

One of the most important specializations of Dmytro is representation of clients in administrative courts of Ukraine in disputes on annulment of unlawful decisions of state authorities.

Both individuals and companies may face a situation when their rights and interests are infringed by an unlawful decision or actions of officials or government bodies. Cases on appeal against decisions, actions and omissions of state authorities shall be considered by administrative courts according to the Code of Administrative Justice of Ukraine.

For example, clients may face unlawful decisions of fiscal and other regulatory authorities on application of penalties, customs decisions on confiscation of goods, decisions of local authorities and local state administrations violating land and property rights of owners, decisions of officials of the State Executive Service of Ukraine, decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in the field of public procurement, M&A, competition policy, etc., decisions of the National Bank of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, etc.

Definitely you will need an experienced lawyer in such cases as consideration of this category of cases has its own peculiarities.

Dmytro Salatyuk protects the clients’ interests from the time of creation and formation of the system of administrative courts in Ukraine.

Dmytro successfully won tax disputes in favour of Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works and New World Grain Ukraine in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, and numerous disputes with state administrations in the sphere of land legal relations.

Bankruptcy Cases

In 2003 the new version of the Law of Ukraine “On Bankruptcy” was adopted. The amended law was renamed as the Law of Ukraine “On restoration of the debtor’s solvency or declaration thereof as a bankrupt”.

The law introduced some new for that time procedures, namely disposing of property, financial recovery and liquidation, and a new procedural person – administrator (insolvency officer).

In 2003 Dmytro Salatyuk finished special courses and obtained a license of administrator.

From 2003 to 2017 Mr. Salatyuk participated in bankruptcy cases as administrator.

Mr. Salatyuk worked as administrator in bankruptcy proceedings of the following companies: Football Club Borisfen, Ukrgazstroy, Agro-Star, Myronivsky Sugar Plant (VIK-R.S.F.), Meridian LLC and others. As a consultant Dmytro participated in bankruptcy proceedings of Ekost Factory, Grigorovsky Sugar Factory, Ryzhavsky Sugar Factory, the Tire Plant Rossava, and Obukhov Consumer Society.

Using his experience as administrator Dmytro defended and represented interests of creditors in bankruptcy cases, in particular the interests of VA Intertrading Aktiengesellschaft and International Trade Services GmbH (Austria) in bankruptcy proceedings of Hekro Pet LLC; Norbert Sсhaller Ges.mbH in a bankruptcy case of Rusanovsky Meat Packing Plant; Volvo Construction Equipment AB in a bankruptcy case of BM Budmekhanizatsiya; Kiev Plant of Sparkling Wines in a bankruptcy case of Ovidiy LLC; Volvo Truck Corporation in bankruptcy of BM Trans; Bank Kyivska Rus in bankruptcy proceedings of the enterprise with foreign investments INTAS.

It is worth to mention separately representation and protection on the part of Dmytro of interests of the forfeiting company DF Deutsche Forfait AG (Germany) as a creditor in a bankruptcy case of Kaliningrad airlines KD Avia that was considered by the commercial court of Kaliningrad region and by higher judicial instances of the Russian Federation. In this case Mr. Salatyuk managed to return almost completely the supplied aviation and airport equipment of a total value of 15 million euros.

Execution proceedings

One of Dmytor’s key specializations is representation of interests of collectors and debtors within the framework of execution proceedings.

Regardless of whether you are creditor (collector, recoverer) or debtor, Mr. Salatyuk will offer you an action plan to protect your rights and interests in execution proceedings.

Dmytro Salatyuk has extensive experience in supporting execution proceedings for debt collection, seizure of vehicles and equipment, support of procedures related to sale of movable and immovable property of debtors, foreclosure of pledged or mortgaged property.

For example, within the framework of execution proceedings in the interests of Volvo Truck Corporation and Renault Truck companies Dmytro successfully searched for and returned the vehicles leased to debtors under numerous contracts.

In addition, Dmytro has experience of representing the interests of creditors abroad: he represented the interests of DF Deutsche Forfait AG in execution proceedings against Kaliningrad International Airport (the Russian Federation) concerning return of airport equipment and the interests of Europcell GmbH (Germany) in case of debt recovery from Illiysky Cardboard and Paper Mill in Kazakhstan.

At the same time Dmytro has a successful experience in protecting debtors’ interests in execution proceedings where the creditors were banks, in particular in cases against Ukrprombank, Megabank, Fidobank.

LLM, 1996-2001, Trade and Economic National University of Kyiv, Diploma in Commercial Law

  • protection and representation of clients in commercial courts in disputes arising out of contracts, corporate disputes, disputes over protection of property rights;
  • representation and protection of clients in disputes on honor, dignity and business reputation protection;
  • representation and protection of clients in land disputes in general courts;
  • representation of clients in proceedings concerning appeals on unlawful decisions and actions of state authorities, including tax authorities, in administrative courts;
  • representation of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy cases;
  • legal support in enforcement proceedings.

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