Vdovychenko Nataliya

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Attorney, member of Kyiv Regional Bar Association, National Bar Association of Ukraine.

Natalia Vdovichenko from the very beginning of her career specialized in criminal cases. However, this did not prevent her from having the wide practice in administrative, general and commercial courts of Ukraine.

Works in Jurvneshservice since 2012.


Natalia Vdovichenko has a wide range of administrative and criminal cases related to corruption offenses and offenses related to property crimes in the field of economic and service activities.

Consulting of civil servants and individuals seeking protection from politically motivated charges is a peculiar specialization of Natalia.

Natalia provides external counseling services in developing and implementing the best policy and practice of adhering to anti-corruption legislation; assessment of the corruption risks of civil servants and persons seeking protection from politically motivated charges and taking appropriate measures, or localization of problems that have already arisen due to incomplete property declarations, not allowing them to reach irreversible negative consequences; assessment of risks associated with potential counterparties; and individual consultations on E-declarations.

At many state-owned enterprises, whose officials are required to submit relevant property declarations, there are positions of special advisers to  assist officials to fill in electronic declarations. However, these advisers themselves often require special counseling and practical advice on completing electronic declarations. The rich experience of Natalia Vdovichenko in this area allows her to train the personnel who will further implement the knowledge gained in their daily activities.

Natalia Vdovichenko is a frequent speaker at trainings and seminars for members of the Council of Judges of Ukraine, General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, Prosecutors’ Offices in the regions, Department of National Economy of the National Police of Ukraine.

Natalia’s special experience in the field of anti-corruption legislation was the basis for inviting her to take part in a working group formed by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine and Transparency International Ukraine to develop a commentary on the Law of Ukraine “On Corruption Prevention”.

Natalia participates in trainings within the framework of the project for the improvement of the qualifications of the investigators of the National Police of Ukraine as a lecturer on disciplines: anti-corruption legislation; secret investigative (wanted) actions; detention of a person; material evidence and documents; execution of property seizure; temporary access to objects and documents; special criminal process procedures on the basis of agreements and in the form of a private prosecution.

LLM, 1997 – 2002, Chernivtsi National University named after Yuri Fedkovich, speciality Jurisprudence

  • Representation in courts;
  • Criminal Law and Offenses;
  • Corporate law;
  • Expertise testimony on law.

Vdovychenko Nataliya

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