Національний експортний форум. Підсумки JVS

IV National Export Forum

The IV National Export Forum organized within the framework of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 4, 2018 gathered lawyers, including Jurvneshservice attorneys, representatives of exporting companies and members of the Ukrainian Government. The forum related to specific business issues, so the audience was rather narrow.
The programme focused on the agribusiness and on the peculiarities of development of transport infrastructure and logistics in international trade. Among the speakers were company chiefs and senior government officials. Dmytro Los, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of “Myronivsky Hliboproduct”, spoke about marketing of agri products. Stepan Kapshuk, CEO of the Association “Ukroliyaprom”, presented the development of oils and fats industry in Ukraine since the independence of Ukraine and to nowadays, spoke about promising products from the perspective of new markets and volumes of exports, such as, for example, oil cake and sunflower husks, and outlined the main “challenges” faced in trade negotiations with potential partners, both at state and at private companies level. Viktor Dovgan, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine for European Integration, focused on the main problems facing the modernization of Ukraine’s infrastructure and on the peculiarities of crediting of road reconstruction projects, and Remigius Pashkevich, a member of the Board PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya”, who indicated the main directions of modernization works, which are planned and are being carried out by “Ukrzaliznytsya”.
You can find out more about the main ideas of reports at the website of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Joining such kind of events allows you to open slightly a cover-up of everyday commercial activities of some of the most important fields of the Ukrainian economy – agribusiness and carriages and to look at prospective future directions of development of certain Ukrainian industries.