национальное обсуждение правового регулирования института медиации

National debates over legal regulation of mediation in Ukraine

In cooperation with non-governmental organization “National association of mediators of Ukraine” with the assistance of OSCE and USAID’s Fair Justice Project the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine responsible for legal policy and justice organized March 21, 2016 a roundtable “Legal foundations of alternative methods of dispute resolution”.

The event was assisted by parliament’s members, representatives of state authorities, experts and members of civic associations. Jurvneshservice assistant attorney Kateryna Tsirat participated in the roundtable as well.

Questions concerning necessity for introduction of mediation and creation of legal bases for its functioning were discussed, two drafts of framework laws introducing mediation, presented by S. Kivalov and A. Shkrum, were envisaged and analyzed, statistics concerning use of mediation as one of the methods of alternative dispute resolution and statistics of enforceability of decisions arrived at in the process of mediation were examined and the character of cases where mediation had been used mostly was analyzed. Some invited experts mentioned one of the main problems mediation faces in Ukraine is lack of its legal regulation and in the light of little support of Ukrainian justice system from the society and business development of mediation is of high importance for Ukraine.