Only 30% of judgments are executed in Ukraine

The Head of the State Executive Service Dmytro Storozhuk informed, only 30% of judgments are executed in Ukraine today. This number shows the Ukrainian Executive Service is highly ineffective. Moreover, it proves Ukrainian judicial system cannot cope with its objectives. As Mr. Storozhuk said, the low level of enforcement is attributed to corruption, inundating bodies of SES. We consider the roots of the problem are embedded not solely in corruption. Every state executor is suffering from an overwhelming workload and has no actual possibility to manage huge volumes of work; state executor’s low salary cannot serve as an incentive to work harder, due to the State Executive Service’s high formalism sometimes executor processes are either closed or even not initiated thanks to formal criteria; the system of access of state executors to the database of debtor’s economic condition is imperfect; and there are many possibilities for the debtors to evade from execution of a judgment. All these factors contribute to the poor effectiveness of the State Executive Service’s activities.