Practice Areas Criminal law and official offenses

Criminal law and official offenses

Criminal Law JVS

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Jurvneshservice attorneys will provide you with protection in criminal cases, including those in the category of White-Collar Crime.

Who is our customer? It is a representative of the state, an employee, a manager, a business representative, a doctor, a lawyer, a law enforcement officer, a judge, a journalist, a public figure and not only.

Categories of criminal offenses in which Jurvneshservice attorneys will provide you are financially motivated non-violent offenses.

You are worthy that, in case of violation of your rights or criminal prosecution, you have received urgent consultation and assistance of Vdovychenko Nataliya, who not only understands the theoretical nuances of the law, but also knows how to apply them in practice.

You can come to our office with your problems. Our office is a place where your problems will be solved as much as possible correctly, quickly and skilfully. Our office is a place where you will feel safe and confident that the issues that are being processed will not become public.

Jurvneshservice attorneys will support you in any unpleasant situations, regardless of their grounds – interrogation as a witness, arrest, suspicion or prosecution. Jurvneshservice attorneys will protect you in criminal proceedings from the beginning to the end.

We will take care that your “collars” are crystal clear, and your reputation is impeccable.

An indicative list of categories of cases in which you may be assisted:

  • crimes against property: fraud, appropriation, embezzlement or assimilation of property by abuse of office;
  • crimes in the field of economic activity: smuggling, gambling, fake entrepreneurship, counterfeiting of documents, counteraction to legitimate economic activity, unlawful takeover of property, money laundering, tax evasion, bringing to bankruptcy;
  • crimes against the public authorities: interference in activities, threat, violence against a public figure, impediment to the activities of a deputy, member of the Accounting Chamber, GRP, VKKSU, unauthorized assignment of authority, bribery, forgery;
  • crimes against journalists: interference in activity, threat, violence against a journalist;
  • crime in the sphere of official activity: excess, abuse of power or office, powers; official forgery; service negligence; declaration of false information; illegal enrichment; unlawful profit; bribery; abuse of influence; provocation of bribery;
  • crimes against justice: illegal detention, driving, home arrest, detention, unlawful prosecution; compulsion to testify; violation of the right to protection; the adoption of a knowingly unjust sentence; decision, decree or ruling; interference with the activities of the judicial authorities; knowingly false notification of a crime, disclosure of data of the ORD, pre-trial investigation, unlawful actions regarding property, which is subject to arrest, mortgaged property.