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Competent Legal Expert Services

It’s not a secret that sooner or later many international companies run into legal issues demanding the presence of a qualified legal expert. If one day your company needs such assistance with settling a lawsuit concerning the Ukrainian law, Jurvneshservice is always ready to give you a helping hand.

Jurvneshservice serves as an expert witness in legal disputes concerning Ukrainian law worldwide. With years of experience and profound understanding of the law, we are the reliable service providers for many international companies. The best thing is that we offer expertise across a diverse range of industries.

Our international lawyers are strongly competent and offer timely and effective problem-solving. Deadline compliance is one of the distinctive features of our legal expert services. We coordinate every deadline with a client and adhere to it. Moreover, we are aimed at meeting the particular needs of your case. Our specialists present legal opinions clearly and concisely. In a word, we do our best to provide the top quality execution of the duties entrusted to us.

When You Need a Legal Expert Assistance

Due to the world globalization cross jurisdictional litigation with the involvement of Ukrainian businesses is not a surprise now. Though mainly foreign law is agreed as applicable, sometimes it happens that parties failed to consent on applicable law or arisen dispute requires clarification of some issues regulated by the Ukrainian law. If settlement is made in a foreign court or at arbitration where neither of arbitrators has knowledge of the Ukrainian law, a necessity to receive expert legal witness testimony in the Ukrainian law has arisen to ascertain the rights and duties of the parties under a contract, to apply the canons of construction which would be applied in a Ukrainian court and to admit and consider such evidence as Ukrainian court would admit and consider, in order to arrive at the intentions of the parties.

Depending on a jurisdiction where the dispute is considered an expert witness on the law (a legal expert) may be appointed either by a party or by a court or judge. Every international lawyer at Jurvneshservice has the experience to act as a legal expert on the Ukrainian law appointed both by parties and the court as all of them have special training, formal scientific degrees and academic qualifications, i.e. knowledge and expertise, research publications, experience, and competence. This means that they are duly qualified to make expert legal testimony in the Ukrainian law. As there is no statutory register of experts in the Ukrainian law in Ukraine, an appointing authority may rely only on these “qualification marks”.

Specific Responsibilities of Jurvneshservice Legal Experts

Every international lawyer at Jurvneshservice acting as a legal expert in the Ukrainian law is guided by the following specific responsibilities:

  • A legal expert is impartial and unbiased and is carried out with ethical and legal duties to the parties and to the court;
  • Legal expert evidence is an independent product of the expert uninfluenced as to form or content by the exigencies of litigation;
  • Independent assistance provided to the court includes objective unbiased legal opinions regarding matters within the expertise of the expert witness;
  • Facts or assumptions upon which the legal opinions are based are stated together with material facts that are detracted from the concluded opinion;
  • A legal expert makes it clear when a question or issue is outside of his or her expertise;
  • Legal expert duty to the court overrides his or her obligation to the person who is instructing them as the role of the legal expert is to assist the court in coming to a conclusion on the probative value of the evidence;
  • A legal expert submits evidence in the form of a written affidavit, statement or report depending on the requirement of a jurisdiction where he/she is acting as an expert.

Dr. Ganna Tsirat’s Experience as a Legal Expert

Dr. Ganna Tsirat was appointed as a legal expert in a range of litigation cases considered by American courts.

Dr. Ganna Tsirat was appointed as a legal expert in investment arbitration against Ukraine by Limited Liability Company AMTO (Claimant) in case № 080/2005 hold by Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration in the Matter of: An Arbitration Pursuant to the Energy Charter Treaty and the Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Ganna Tsirat was invited as a legal expert in a range of cases against the Russian Federation that are pending by Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague.

As you see, Jurvneshservice legal experts aren’t limited by theoretical knowledge. They are recognized skilled practitioners in their field. So, whenever the issue occurs, don’t hesitate to contact Jurvneshservice. Surely, you’ll instantly get the qualified assistance you need in your case.